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Are Dental Discount Plans Better Than Insurance?

The many financial products available in the world don’t come for free. You don’t get a credit card, spend freely and live the high life without needing to pay the money back. You can’t take a loan out and then just make repayments when you feel like it. And there is a reason why insurance companies employ loss adjusters and risk assessors; simply put, you’re not going to have an easy time claiming on insurance if your claim is even remotely complex.

There are many reasons why an insurance company might reject your claim, delay paying it or pay it only in part, and as cynical as it may sound it’s completely transparent if you’re paying attention. The insurance company that provides any insurance you have, be it life, home or car, would not be doing its job if it did not go to every length possible to find a reason why your claim could not be paid. If they didn’t have these practices, fraud would go through the roof.

So when it comes down to dental insurance plans, are you better off just choosing to buy a dental discount card and know that you’ll have to pay some money every time you need a treatment? When you could pay a monthly premium, and be offered coverage that may mean you don’t need to pay your dentist a dime, what is the correct decision? The answer, as it always seems to, will lie somewhere in the middle of all of this. And it depends on the coverage you’ve got.

For some people, the dental plan offered by their employer will cover them for any treatment they need. Depending on your level of coverage, it may be that you simply have no need for dental discount plans. On the other hand, you may find that your employee-provided dental plan (or any private plan you’ve taken out for yourself and/or your family) does come with plenty of caveats attached. It is vitally important to know exactly how well you’re covered, and for what, in advance.

What discount dental plans give you is certainty. For sure, you’ll need to pay for them initially, and when you’re in the dentist’s office you’ll need to pay again for the treatment you’re having. But that’s all you’re going to be paying. You won’t be paying out monthly premiums and you won’t be waiting around for the letter to say your claim has been granted. In that respect, you can certainly benefit from having a dental discount plan rather than dental insurance.

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