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Dental Discount Plan For Insurance

Dental insurance is changing as far as its affordability and availability. It has traditionally been offered to people through their employer sponsored health insurance plans as a fringe benefit, but that is changing.

Many employers are dropping their group insurance coverage for their employees because of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). For certain sizedĀ  companies it can cost the employer a lot of money in fines and extra taxes if a certain number of their workers do not participate in an approved health insurance plan.

So, employers don’t want to take that risk, and are thus deciding to let their employees find their own health insurance with Obamacare, rather than pay so much extra. Unfortunately, these people have also lost their dental insurance coverage, as it usually came as a part of the package, and they are shocked when they attempt to purchase dental insurance on an individual basis.

They are running into prices that run in the $80 to $200 per month range, plus there is usually a sizable waiting period of up to 6 months to a year before any meaningful coverage actually applies. Add to that that there is also a cap on benefits of $1,000 to $1,500 per year per family member, you can’t blame someone from wondering why they are paying so much for so little.

But now the aspect of discount dental plans have entered the picture. These plans are not actual insurance, but they are just as good, or better. First of all, the pricing is way under what the dental insurance would be, some where in the $25 to $40 per month area, and there are no waiting periods or benefit caps. Coverage is available as soon as the member signs up and there are a wide range of dentists who are involved in the plans.

Dentists see the potential, as they can see people taking part in discount plans more and more. The plans make sense, and the dental community can see increases in participation due to the good pricing and excellent coverage.

The way that the discount plans work is to have the discount company and the individual share in the cost and the dentist marks his services down a bit for the trade off of more potential business, and everyone is happy.

Families cannot afford to be without dental care, especially if they have children, and here is a solution to the high costs and limited coverage of dental insurance.

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