Discovering machinima with

The site is officially open and I’ve just published the announcement, featuring a machinima video: opens to help you discover and share machinima.

In a nutshell, the site is like for machinima, except different in ways necessary for machinima movies and to ensure that more quality gets on top than is sometimes the case with digg. So it enables voting up or down (which would mostly reflect popularity or likes/dislikes) and 1 to 5 ratings given as part of reviews (comments) to specific movies (which should reflect quality). The front page displays the top movies based on popularity vote, but prominently displayed on the right is a top reviewed chart showing best rated stuff.

Check it out! I’ve also made an overview of places where machinima can be found and watched so you can easily find and check out some machinima and then submit it to for voting and rating. :)



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