Dissociative Identity Disorder among business people

“I’m no longer involved with desktop Linux from a business perspective, so I have no agenda. — Kevin Carmony

This was his response to a comment questioning his trustworthiness, posted in a thread on Ubuntu Forums where he calls Ubuntu his new home, interestingly right on the day of launch of the next Ubuntu version, Gutsy Gibbon AKA 7.10.

I find his response interesting because it clearly implies that his business involvement with something includes an agenda that can justify announcements that serve to propagate Microsoft’s FUD and lies against Free Software. But, off-duty, so to speak, he can be a different man I suppose. Doesn’t this smell like a bit of a business serving dissociative identity disorder. If someone pays to say something, let’s do it regardless of what we think about that, and then once we decide to leave that business let’s pretend we didn’t do it. It’s almost like pretending you weren’t the one doing it, it was that other guy, the business guy who had to make “tough business decisions”.

I think this kind of behavior, and I would gladly call it a disorder, contributes to the corruption that we see practically daily in the business world today. It comes from and in turn furthers the perception of business as divided of all moral concerns. It is just business and so apparently the money flow is all that matters, literally, ALL that matters.

And so, business people who subject to this kind of philosophy, but do not want to be perceived as completely devoid of morals simply divide their personality into two parts – one who is a business personality and the other who they are off-duty. This way, they practically get to isolate that other self from the actions of the business self.

I’m not sure that this really works though. A disorder is still a disorder and will be perceived as such from the outside, and what’s worse, this kind of disorder is not the one these people are born with, something natural that we can’t blame them for, this is an illusion designed to cloak their eroding morality. Some people buy that, and others see right through.

I just hope, for the sake of humanity’s future, that we will see less and less of such business people and more of those who put themselves, with all their ethical values and passions into the business, making them an integral part of it.


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