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Almost one and a half years ago, on January 23rd 2008, I have finished reading George Orwell’s legendary book “1984″. Immediately after finishing it I was inspired and I had an idea and I wrote it down into a note I still keep to this day:

A website called “” – based on the notion that by being real self thinking, inquisitive, exploratory humans we can overt any threat of dystopian future. The name is a reference to 1984′s Newspeak and translates as Super Human. The intended message is “Be as human as possible and you’ll be free.”

“1984″ was a bit of a mind chow (or mind f*ck for a more technical term), but what was obvious to me was that the whole point of the totalitarian regime that ruled the fictional Oceania in the book was dehumanization. It occurred to me that the root cause of all tyranny in the real world, all loss of liberty and all oppression is dehumanization. It is the idea that a human individual must repress his or her urges, must sacrifice himself for the society, the so called greater good. It is this idea that has humans in constant fear of each other and consequential constant desire to control each other, as absolutely as possible.

I felt defiant as I was reading through the end of the book, as the tyranny of illusion and repression of humanity was winning. Being enamored by the book’s “NewSpeak” a hack of its own language came to my mind as a pronouncement of protest: DoublePlusHuman!. DoublePlusHuman, not the compromised, self repressed and self sacrificed human, but a human in all its glory, in its “full bloom”, pursuing the maximum of potential and letting nobody, NOBODY, control him or her against his or her will.

I immediately registered a domain name,, and put it aside. Year and a half passed as I was exploring myself and evolving my ideas. I became a staunch support of voluntary interaction as opposed to coercive governance. I strived to rediscover myself, to find what I truly love to do, what I can do that would make me happiest and provide most value.

I went through this process twice. First time I seemed to have reached wrong conclusions. I went through it too fast and too keenly and as a consequence I ended up trying to jumpstart two projects that went nowhere ( and all the while knowing somewhere in the back of my head that it was really which I was supposed to be doing.

So I redid the process, but this time I used a whole book on the topic, “How To Finally Find What You Love To Do And Get Paid For Doing It” by Brian Kim (long title, short but brilliant book). I gave myself weeks of almost aimless floating about, doing only what I had to do and otherwise just exploring, reading what I want, doing what I want and trying to answer the dozens of questions I was supposed to answer and wanted to answer about my talents and interests. I deliberately, prior to finishing this process, read Stefan Molynex’ “Real Time Relationships”, another brilliant book which helped deepen my introspection and further enticed me to trust my feelings and senses.

And prior to all that I was already armed with ideas and encouragement from Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” as well as the simplified “The Hidden Secret in Think and Grow Rich” by Brian Kim.

And I ultimately, and not to a too big surprise found my way. It wasn’t so far off from prior conclusions in that I again concluded that what I really love to do is web publishing, but doing it my way, as a one man show envisioning something in its entirety and then creating it from the beginning to the end. I do the conceptualization, web design and finally write most of the content. As I was approaching this conclusion it became more and more obvious that what most embodied what I love to do at this point in time was exactly everything I hoped could be.

And so I ditched everything else, put the more important projects ( and into a maintenance mode (in which they were for some time anyway), and made DoublePlusHuman my main project. Couple of months passed and here she is.

I personally believe that it is the best web site I ever made and the best project I ever started. It most perfectly fits who I am and it fits a grander plan that I now finally have for my life. I’ve never felt the kind of sense of direction I do now. My puzzles are finally being put together. is a start of a new era for me.

The site is made to be accessible to the widest possible audiences, complies with standards, is compatible with screen reading devices, has a mobile version and allows people to switch width to short or wide depending on the size of their screens. It will contain original content and links to content published elsewhere categorized in the same way. Forms of content are articles and media (video, audio and images) and main categories are “philosophy”, “technology” and “culture” representing the means to the ends that are the goal of the site: self improvement, personal freedom and social change.

I plan, for the first time, to be producing original inspiring and moving video infotainment on a semi-regular basis to attract and inspire the readers and build a community. And of course there is a business aspect to it that is also better worked out from the beginning than with any project I did before. Hence the unobtrusive neatly positioned sidebar ad and the amazon store. I am not ashamed of this. I will be able to monetize this site only if I provide enough people with enough value! I aim to provide value, not to make money! Money must be a mere side effect. And since I love what I’m doing here this shouldn’t be a problem. I no longer see failure as failure, but useful information for success. (And needless to say, money will be necessary for the achievement of the mentioned grander plan. )

All this said, there is no official launch announcement. I simply start with publishing articles and the first is a series of articles defining the key terms of the site: “self improvement”, “personal freedom” and “social change”. The first one is already published: “Defining Self Improvement”.

This seems like a good beginning, defining the key terms, setting up the basic paradigm.

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