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Well it’s a weekend, and while I do spend some weekends working on the main stream of my work, AKA my job, I sometimes take time for one of my “hobbies” if you can call it that. :P I have lots of interest so sometimes I just feel I need an outlet for those which I am not mainly involved with – like music.

So.. aside from exploring some games on GNU/Linux today, and getting bored after a little while, I went to songza to play some music and then somehow ended up doing the same thing on youtube, when an interesting idea hit me. Why not create a playlist of all these incredible trance tracks I love to listen? So I did… and I felt good about it so I even made it into a subpage on Cosmicall.net. Behold the Entrancement Tech as I called this playlist. :)

The name seems fairly unique judging from a brief google search so I might even stick to it as some sort of a brand for some of my future music involvements. Who knows what I’ll be doing next after Libervis.com and Nuxified.org are back in shape. Aside from promoting voluntaryism, music is pretty high up there. One of the long planned Libervis projects is all about music. But I wont talk about it more yet..

Anyway, the name “Entrancement Tech” has a meaning to me. I see electronic music as literally an expression of feelings through technology, because pretty high tech devices (well.. computers usually) are used to make all those cool tracks. But most of all I feel like trance really pushes this aspect to the limits. It is incredibly emotional and energetic and at the same time incredibly smooth and technological.

For me listening to trance is like listening the high tech machines crying and singing, except it’s just me, in love with technology and what it makes possible – celebrating it by listening and jumping (yea.. literally, when I go to a party like… this one (yep I was there!) ).

So.. to those who share my love for this sort of culture. Enjoy the entrancement. :D

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