First report from Open Translation Tools ’07 conference

Open Translation Tools 2007 tools conference is being held these days in Zagreb, Croatia, where I live. So naturally I attended, and it was also a good opportunity for Taco to attend as well because I could host him, to demonstrate Passiflora and gain new interesting contacts.

My main purpose is to scoop up information and ideas on available tools and concepts that could potentially help GNU/Linux Matter’s non-profit’s web projects as well as current and future Libervis Network projects.

While I’m actually quite a beginner in the realm of content translation and tools used for it, the nature of this conference is quite open ended and inclusive so it allows anyone, even with least experience on the issue to pull something useful out of it, at least learn about the various related issues as well as practical solutions to those issues.

Today was quite a day. I have to say that only today I talked with a lot more people than I talked to through the whole iCommons conference. This is just what OTT is. There are no keynotes and presentations. There are only collective discussions in groups and the atmosphere being strived for is such that really encourages participants to “boldly go” to meet who they didn’t meet before and hence find out about something or someone new..

One particular thing was especially fun and interesting, a so called “spectrogram” of people’s opinions where when a particular (usually controversial) statement is made people express their agreement or disagreement with that statement by physically standing on one or the other end of a line being drawn on the floor. Standing in the middle is basically being undecided or neutral. Then they are being asked to explain why is it that they are standing where they are standing.

All in all, in just one day I’ve learned quite a bit, experienced quite a bit and also gotten slightly surprised by the way things are going. Considering that I didn’t really came to this conference with a big plan or agenda of my own, but merely to use an excellent opportunity to participate on a FOSS related conference and just “scoop up information and ideas”, it’s proving to be more productive than I would have expected.

So, well, that’s about it from me for now.. Taco wrote a nice scoop about the first day as well so I refer you to check it out if you’re curious. :)


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