– where machines sing

My brand new project,, is nearing launch. It is a digg resembling web site for machinima movies. Machinima are movies made inside of computer games and there are plenty of them on youtube, and other sites like WeGame and Gamerz Theatre etc. allows its users to submit a link to machinima from any of these sites (and any other site) and get it voted, reviewed and rated. It is therefore a good additional opportunity for machinima movie makers to promote their videos and at the same time a great, simple way for anyone looking for some machinima style entertainment to find what’s hot and best rated. You can also browse by category and by tags. I explain more on the about page.

Of course, all of the above will mean far more once there are more submissions, more people making them, voting, reviewing etc. This blog entry marks the first word about this site anywhere on the web and further announcements and promotional campaign are to follow.

This project is my current major project. It was selected among a few candidates with higher commercial potential than my current involvements are (, etc.). It reflects my ongoing interest in the gaming world and a recognition of an opportunity in the growing phenomenon of machinima. The project will also nicely tie in with Freedomware Gamefest Reloaded (born out of the past freedomware gamefest), which is also in the cards as not only an event but possibly a gaming community as well, one in which the first freedomware-based machinima scene may be given birth. ;)

“Where machines sing” could be a nice alternative slogan.. Currently it is just “the machinima link”. Well, if anyone has an opinion on that feel free to comment. :)


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