How nice, Croatia invited to NATO and gets a visit from Bush

Bucharest NATO conference is over and the relevant results for the country I live in, Croatia, is that it got an invite. How nice. Considering we are also a candidate for accession into the EU, it looks like we’re proceeding quite well with our “western integration”. In fact, we’re getting a visit, right here in Zagreb, where I happen to live, by Bush himself. And what do we get for that? I mean we the actual citizens, the people living and working in this city and this country? We get overt security measures a traffic halt and an old lady in a village being policed because ONCE a while ago she rented a house to a guy who is apparently a muslim or something to that effect (don’t quote me on that, this is effectively heresay, but I would not wonder if it’s true). Interestingly that happens to be the village I lived in prior to Zagreb.

What is that old lady guilty of for having her property and freedom violated this way for this so special of an occassion? What right does the state or anyone have to interfere?

Anyway, in Croatia, a lot of people, at least passively, seem to object to the European Union, or just don’t care. Same is with NATO. In fact, according to this news story thousands of “anti-imperialist” protesters will be waiting for Bush, protesting against our joining of NATO and pointing out that we may merely be becoming pawns in the larger game. Tell me about it!

Sure, let’s not jump into conspiracy theories. You know, uniting the world into a World Union ruled by the elite of the few etc. Hey, I didn’t mention Lizards! GTFO! The mere fact that we are preparing to enter both EU and NATO despite major opposition of citizens of this country just goes to show what a freaking sham democracy really is. Sure.. we get to elect our leaders every few years, but it’s more like a parade held for us at the end of which we get to choose whose parade we liked better. Absolutely worthless.

Our government, the same one which is supposed to be protecting us from ourselves, is leading us into unions which are just as “democratic” as ours. So democratic in fact, that 70% opinion of the citizens against the EU means we still need to enter EU. Hmm.. reminds me of another curious organization, ISO, also known as I Sold Out. Yes, that is democracy my friends. Worthless piece of crap propaganda. You have an opinion? You voted? Oh cool, good boy. Tough though, I think we don’t like your vote so we might as well proceed as planned, why don’t you go back to your ignorant routine? Oh you’re such a good citizen.

Update: Bush visits on Friday, that is today, and the preparations were even worse than I initially thought. People were ordered by the police to shut down their windows, to not dry their clothes on their own wires, to park their cars away from the streets part of the route he will pass on. They moved trash containers, polished up the trees, renewed the road markings. Everything apparently had to be absolutely perfect. I can understand that for someone of his influence high security measures may be justified, but some of these measures don’t seem to have as much to do with security as much with creating some sort of an unrealistically and ridiculously perfect image of Zagreb to Bush.

I talked recently about the harms of government intervention. Well I’ve got a nice example these days right here in my city, of government essentially interrupting normal lives of people, even beyond reasonable necessity just to please Bush, because who is an individual citizen of the City of Zagreb compared to Bush? Might as well say nobody. 10 million Kunas (about 2.1 million USD) is being spent on accomodating Bush – that’s 2.1 million dollars of taxpayers money. How is this visit for the benefit of the community? How is this for the so called “common good”? Why is anyone morally obliged to pay the government for these kinds of ventures?

Does joining NATO justify that? As I explained above, absolutely not. NATO was not the choice of the people. Joining NATO is an arbitrary decision between our government and NATO. We essentially have no part in it. People are calling for a referendum and all our premier can say to that is that referendums aren’t appropriate when the sovereignity of the country is not in question (as is the case with EU), since NATO is not a union or states and this is not an accession. However, this ignores the fact that by joining NATO we deny ourselves the ability to be neutral should the world powers be pushed into some sort of a conflict, not to mention that we would be essentially the ones potentially dealing with Kosovo crisis should it emerge (it’s part of the reason why Croatia and Albania are being allied with NATO now), to restrain Serbia.

When this big picture is considered, who can think of the interests of the people? Who cares about them really? I see them pretty much as just a helpless group that happen to be in that given pot, and the pot is being moved back and forth as the powers that are please or see fit. If this doesn’t show what a sham democracy really is then I don’t know what does. When the show called “elections” is over, it’s just business as usual.

But that’s the world to which ignorant masses concede to. There you have it. Enjoy your crippled freedom. May Zagreb citizens see and grasp the contrast between their puny individual self and the power of two states colluding in mutual festivities over an event they had no say about.

Welcome to your new province Mr. President. I hope we don’t serve you well.

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