I am free.

Good morning to me. :)

Last night I’ve had a little merger happen in my head. It is between the concept of “self growth” and “self liberation”. I somehow saw them as parallel but separate processes yet they are not. I now believe that self improvement, self help or self growth, however you wanna call it, are in essence self liberation. And it’s a big industry because people yearn for someone to tell them how to succeed, but this desire to “succeed”, be it a specific desire for money, health or just general happiness is in fact rooted in a single thing: liberty – self liberation.

People buy self help books, seminars etc. because they want to be free, desperately.

But most of that material rarely brings them towards this state of freedom because most of it operates with the false assumptions about the world and about the prevalent social structures.

Funny thing, just as I tuned in to a trance station to listen to, it played a track which at one point had Morpheus from Matrix so eloquently say this:

“It is a world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.”

And I laughed out loud! In a state that I am right now I am beginning to truly feel that I have escaped from this world – I am free. I no longer believe the lies, no longer see the illusion and no longer fear as much as I did, because I know it’s all not real. I know that I have the power. And now that I do I can continue to grow my liberty to the point at which I can LITERALLY bend the illusion most other people call reality. The Matrix analogy is perfect, because that’s exactly what happens. People freed from the world of lies become Neo’s and are capable of BENDING the reality in which other people live. Why can we bend reality? Because it’s actually NOT real. It’s reality to THEM, not us. We know how it works now and so we can manipulate it.

But I’ve learned, however, another incredible fact last night – that I’m actually only at the very beginning of my freedom journey. I somehow thought that I’m already pretty advanced, but then I realized – wait a second – I am barely pass the “pain” stage, and I still feel pain sometimes when I see how upside down and wrong the world is. And the pain stage is the first stage of the process of becoming free. That means I still have a way to go and it also means that the way I feel now is actually just scratching the surface of what’s coming.

You know people. Freedom rocks. You should try and discover it. The thing people will rarely tell you is that you don’t need to change the world to become free. You don’t need government to grant you freedom. The only one you need is YOU. You have freedom by nature! I wish I could describe how that feels.

If you wish to talk to me or wish me to give you some pointers join #libervis on irc.freenode.net. Ironically, “libervis” means “most freely” and today I feel most free than ever.

Be free.

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