If only we were joking

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My advice to those kids would be to resist. They don’t have to pay. If I were a parent I’d comfort them with the idea that we will find a way to resist. Nobody will pay any of THEIR debt. Taxes are theft. Gun is in the room. One should defend self from the thiefs not justify their actions and give in.

Besides, speaking of federal government it probably wont exist by the time these kids are adults. An increasing secessionist activity in USA is already testifying to that. About 8 states have “secession friendly” resolution.

The world is changing. This crisis is a free market finally reacting to the decades of delusion and resulting unsound economic practices. This crisis marks the biggest shift in centuries. Bail outs and stimulus packages are only gonna make this fall more profound. It may get worse before it gets better as certain governments let out a dieing scream and trashing, but then it can get better.

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