A project of the last few hours, here comes IdeaProbe, based on an idea of a search site which conveniently allows you to search all other good idea sites for ideas you might need for a new creative venture.

I was searching for ideas myself, before I make a final call on the next venture of my own, and since it took so little time overall, this particular idea seemed worth executing. It could very well pay for itself by, if nothing, then adsense revenue it might generate. If it doesn’t work and nobody is interested then, oh well, it’s just 7 bucks for a tiny lesson learned. :P

But something tells me it might be useful to some people, especially if I decide to go with it and add some additional resources to it, like perhaps the ability to submit the ideas directly from the search results into the special voting queue and then vote them up or down, sort of like digg or reddit news stories.

Afterall, everything starts with an idea, no matter how small or big it is.


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