Killing for a fraction of a dot

A lot of what we do is driven by our emotions. A lot of what we see is through a template of our own perception, built by our life experience. From fear to fearlessness. From power to powerlessness. From happiness to sadness. From bliss to trauma. It all defined the template through which we see the world.

In an information era we are living in, it is easy to see just about anything there is to see on Earth. We just have to look for it. Perhaps it is time to look for more and to see beyond, even beyond that which is immediately available. To be a seeker may be the most rewarding calling one can take. We may all have an explorer sitting deep within us.

This Earth, for pieces of which humans still continue to fight, manipulating each other into incredible sacrifices in the name of what may be incredibly insignificant causes, is just a pale blue dot.

But to see it this way, we have to look beyond the confines of a little world we created for ourselves, in which we see so many things as too important not to drown our lives into. Seeking beyond is choosing to free ourselves from these confines and allow ourselves to realize that there are things bigger than us, bigger than mankind, bigger than Earth, bigger than the solar system, bigger than our whole galaxy, bigger then our own perception of significance.

This may be the best case one can make for space exploration. Space tourism is not going to be just about mere joy rides into space. It is going to be an individually inspiring venture to open people’s minds towards what is above the realm we bask in every day. And the farther we can go the better we can realize the relative insignificance of this realm. Space tourism and furthermore space exploration in general may very well have the power to unite the humanity in peace – eradicate greed, injustice, violence, war – the things that are fuelled by the limited world-view most of us easily fall to, a template that defines our perceptions which in turn activate our emotional responses.

It seems as if the more limited our view is, the more closed minded and ignorant we are, the more negative our emotional responses will be to the reality we perceive.

And yet, all it takes is to choose to look beyond all that, which can be accomplished by a moment took to look up to a specific star in the sky and ask yourself – what is out there? Is it like our home? How far is it? Will I ever be able to get there? What are we doing to get there? What the HELL are we doing to ourselves anyway???

Once you get your eyes down to a horizontal, you just might see things a little differently. You might just conclude that things you were incredibly upset about aren’t all that important, or that you were upset about wrong things. You may instead become upset about why ARE so many people upset about such stupid petty things and decide to do something more with your life.

Space does not care about what is happening on Earth, but we should. Many have said, one way or the other, that the only way to change the world to the better is to change the mentality of people who build and maintain that world. So if looking up is a way to inspire change of human mentality so radically for it to evolve to the next level, beyond the semi-savage state we are in now — then looking up and trying to go out there may be the only way forward.

And if we don’t go forward, we can only go backward.

“Free thinking is the only way to further the species.” — PAINTANK (on YouTube)

– Inspired by “Pale Blue Dot: Wanderers” by Carl Sagan.

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