One of the first domain names I owned is and it was moved to my virtual private server quite a while ago with the purpose of hosting a site for my existing and potential new music productions. Well, a day finally came for that to happen as well. It was not a big job and I just had to get around to doing it, but I feel quite satisfied with the result so far. is actually just one of the little mini-sites that I am planning to launch in the coming weeks/months. The reason why I didn’t dive into the larger work of revising and as planned is because the Gamefest is still on my neck and I don’t feel ready to commit to any such larger undertakings with confidence in finishing it off swiftly and efficiently, so I am keeping the status quo for the moment while trying to get the gamefest to the end and maintaining the routine works plus some additional little undertakings like, and one which I should really be doing tomorrow, writing an article for the Linux+ magazine.

Anyway, is a simple, but hopefully cool looking page which offers free downloads of some of my older music tracks under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license. I plan on adding OGG versions for download as well. It is possible that I might in the future add some music from my old music partner, Dalibor Arizanovic, once I get a hold of him and perhaps ask for permission (including licensing it under such an open license). It is also possible that I will at some point, perhaps when Free Software for it becomes better, make some completely new tracks and also offer them for download there.

Aside from that, any other updates may be minor, like adding some useful links to my old music profiles on the web. Also, if anyone has any ideas about doing something more significant with this mini site feel free to say. :)

Oh and btw, I do consider a part of Libervis Network. It will not be linked from the network bar, but that will be redesigned anyway. Not too long from now I should be updating when I will add a map of the whole Libervis Network. Counting these small sites, and some planned projects for which domains already exist you’ll see Libervis Network is truly becoming more than just and ;)


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