Liberty, Life, Science and Spirit

At this point in time my whole being is centered around these two concepts: self liberation and self growth. Self liberation is about personal liberty and self growth is about my life – making it what I want it to be. Making it great.

Self Liberation – Liberty

In a nutshell, this is why I am a voluntaryist. As such I am liberating myself from fear of coercion and from a desire to coerce. I am coming to a full understanding of myself as an individual human being with a self aware mind and a nature which requires liberty and property, as one and the same, to be. Through my senses I receive information. With my mind I process and feel it. Processing it is ideally consisted of applying a scientific process to it and feeling it is assigning personal values to it (good vs. bad = desirable vs. undesirable). This process is what creates my sub-reality, my world – built on the foundation of the absolute real world around me that I perceived, processed and felt.

Being aware of the fact that my world is MY world, MY sub-reality, and nobody elses, because it is MY senses, MY mind and MY feelings which created it, I cannot believe in the right to impose it on somebody else nor can I believe in the right of somebody else to impose his own sub-reality on me. This is not isolation. It is liberty. I can interact with another by cooperating based on what we do have in common – which is how trade happens and why free market works.

From these fundamental grounds I perceive the social world much differently than most people. I see wrongs where other people see rights. I see unnecessary evil where others see necessary evil, or even “good”. I see fear and corruption where others see virtue. But since I do not fear them, nor believe with them, I am free.

Self growth – Life

Now that I am free, what do I want to do with my life? This is where I largely adopted a strategy, as talked about before, by Napoleon Hill, presented in “Think and Grow Rich”. I found sufficient evidence to support his strategy to consider it factual and I am thus basing my self growth plan on it.

This however does not make me an automatic follower of everyone who claims to preach self growth and self help. It does not by far make me a follower of propaganda like “The Secret”. I think such propaganda is pseudoscience, something you get when you collide self-growth facts with some sort of a yet unsubstantiated and unproven religion, like New Age. It’s same as the movie “Expelled” by creationists, which is what you get by colliding science with fundamentalist christianity.

I am, however, much more interested in explaining “spirituality” by science. I’ve seen many people say they’ve changed their life by “finding god” and I don’t have to tell you about the amount of people who actually did somehow manage to change their life based on New Age as well (per The Secret). Spirituality seems to be this state of mind which automatically induces just the right kind of actions on your part to make you feel fulfilled and successful. It’s sort of a short-cut. I believe such a short cut exists, but I will not believe in that it is not something that can’t be achieved by science alone.

In fact, I think that the ultimate spiritual enlightenment WILL be achieved by science. We will simply discover as facts a way in which we can put our mind in that blissful state. I think Napoleon Hill came dangerously close to that, but he branched it off to “infinite intelligence” and that’s where my doubts begin. I need more evidence and I am interested to discuss this with really scientifically minded people.

After my research for the last days on this topic I can therefore say this:

Science is the only religion you will ever need. Hence, you will need no religion.

So all these people who “found god” may have just accidentally stumbled upon a yet not entirely scientifically discovered or explained process which made them feel like “they found god”, feel utterly enlightened etc. I doubt they really “found god” though. They just found the yet undefined process. :)

This makes further sense when you consider that many people from many different religions have similar claims. They can’t all be the “one true religion”, so there must be something deeper involved – a process.

We will probably discover it soon.

But, I’m sticking with science above all else. I want to emphasize that because it may have seemed like I’ve ran off to some strange New Age and pseudoscience waters in my previous posts. No. I stick to science. I have three categories in which I will put the ideas and theories I encounter.

1. Accept.
2. Reject.
3. Neither. Keep looking, whenever motivated.

I accept as factual truth only those ideas which I or enough of other people have reproducibly tested and proven right. I reject those that have been beyond doubt proven wrong.

The “neither” category are all the rest, and there’s quite a bit of stuff here. ;) It’s all of the ideas which I can neither definitely prove nor disprove, but are interesting enough for me to keep my mind open to more information about them. I have a scale in this category, from “almost accepted” to “almost rejected”. For instance, the idea of infinite intelligence would be closer to “almost accepted” (but never accepted until I can fully prove it) and the idea of ancient alien race (sun gods) seeding human life on Earth would be near “almost rejected”. :P

You can imagine that I definitely reject very little. Today there’s just too much information out there. I find it hard to reject things off hand. I suppose I can call the third category as “I don’t know.. yet”. I like that category, not because I like not knowing of course, but in a contrary because it encourages me to know more. Too many people just reject or accept and thus everything that they really don’t know must either be rejected or accepted. Just think of the “god of the gaps” or a new one I heard about New Agers, “consciousness of the gaps”. :D


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