I am excited to say that the work on the new is pretty much finished. It is just about ready for an official (re)launch announcement. This probably biggest rebirth of marks what I see as a milestone for Libervis Network as after months of stagnation something great is happening again. I have big plans for it. I will start what should amount to the biggest promotional campaign in a while, including a promotional video, in order to boost as a project of building a community of technology enthusiasts passionate about freedom.

Then as the community reignites we will possibly churn out a few cooperative initiatives, or help existing or already planned ones. Mind you these initiatives may not necessarily be on behalf of this abstractness that I call “Libervis Network”, but completely independent, developed and created by people who came to the site, found common passions and developed a cool project to work on. What I will do, however, is provide the help that I can to kick start what we find to be the best projects among them, by providing them initial hosting space, a free subdomain or a full domain name and basic support – IF they need it of course. :)

The whole point is to bring together unique individuals especially interested in technology, but also in the effect its use has on individual freedom – and start a tolerant and open minded discourse, helping each other think better, understand more and see what we have in common as seeds of what we could cooperate on. is essentially like an open space, an agora, a “free market” of thoughts and ideas, bent on technology and freedom – everyone is welcome.

Check it out: And stay tuned! :)

More about you can read here, including briefly its history.


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