Looking back at OTT07

Time flies. It’s already been 10 days since Open Translation Tools 2007 conference ended and I’m deep into my stuff again, the Freedomware Gamefest being the main work related thing. So what do I have to say about OTT07?

Well, it’s an event worth remembering, and this is not just saying in a sort of obligatory fashion. I’ve never before been on a conference of this kind, never met and talked to as many people involved with Free Software and Free Culture at once and never partied (even if briefly) with people from so many diverse parts of the world. So by all means it was an unique experience.

Of course, it was also quite educational for me. I was a translation newbie and now I know some basic things involved with it. Furthermore I am actually more interested in paying attention to that particular field of activity and the cause of translating internet content to languages other than english. This will likely affect Libervis Network in the future, at least by collaborating with or using third party services to help people translate Libervis content into other languages (services like, probably, the Worldwide Lexicon).

Also, I was able to tell quite a few people about Libervis Network and GNU/Linux Matters. And I was especially glad to meet Dave Crossland, a Free Software advocate working on free fonts development. He confirmed some of my latest thinking regarding Free Software ethics and also added quite a bit more insight. Quite an interesting guy.

Aside from the Worldwide Lexicon some of the other most impressive projects I’ve learned about are FlOSS Manuals (which we are likely to work with on a collaborative project), Dotsub, Social Source Commons etc. There is actually a nice list of the interesting projects that were presented in “speedgeeking” sessions here in the wiki.

After the conference we had a beverage tasting evening, tasting various (strong) drinks from various countries, which got most of us drunk, but it was fun and worthwhile as it was for the sake of a “cultural exchange”. ;) Of course, this cultural exchange quickly turned into quite a fest, or a party if you will. We ended up (to Taco’s dismay) at some cheap back-in-the-alley club fittingly titled “The Wrong Way” until about 2 AM after which Taco and me ended up walking home. It was all my fault though.. I was the one insisting in going all the way through with the rest because I didn’t want to miss the first ever chance I had to party with these kinds of people (from all over the world, involved with Free Software/Culture, it’s something I consider special). :) Taco was, at the end of the day night quite gracious about it, though.

But this is not the end of the story. A day and night later, after Taco already left for the dutchland, I had a chance to attend a speech by Benjamin Mako Hill and then also a drink and a dinner with him, Marcell and others from the local net culture club. It allowed me to talk to him a bit about Libervis.com, even mention Freedomware Gamefest 2007 and the propagation of “Freedomware” as a new “marketing” term for Free Software and a few other things I don’t remember from the top of my head. Mako is a really down to earth guy considering his accomplishments and fame in the Free Software community, with a very bright future as an influential figure in the Free Software and Free Culture movements, I suspect. :)

Finally, as a visual proof, here are a few photo links where you can find me..

You can find all the other OTT07 photos uploaded to flickr so far here.


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