Michael Jackson songs that change the world

Yesterday one of the crazy ones has died too early. One of those who people who dared to be different and to be the most of himself no matter what others said, no matter the teasing and bullying, misunderstanding and dishonesty. This made him one of the most famous people in the world, albeit possibly one of the most misunderstood. He is the living proof of how powerful a human being can be if he steps out of the fold. This world needs more of the crazy ones.

Ironically, it took his death for me to realize some of the things about him and even discover one of his songs I didn’t know about. I heard his songs so many times, they were impossible to avoid, but not being a big fan of pop I always somehow took it for granted, and all of the incredible intellectual changes I’ve gone through recently, rediscovering the world changing power of Michael Jackson somehow just didn’t come around. And now I regret this.

However I am now newly inspired and motivated.

Here are a few incredible world changing songs by Michael Jackson. Let them live on.

-= Will you be there? =-

-= Heal The World =-

-= They Don’t Really Care About You =-

-= Earth Song =-

Feel free to suggest more in the comment. And let the legend live long in our memeverse!


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