She dreamed a dream… and it came true

What a meme this is! I haven’t seen something quite like this in a long while. First, my dad who visited us briefly in our apartment mentioned that there’s a video on youtube of an old woman singing professionally like Celine Dion. It was interesting to hear, but I soon forgot all about it. There’s all sorts of interesting stuff on youtube.

But what an interesting coincidence, or perhaps a testament to how incredibly powerful this was for so many people to the world.. I accidentally stumbled on the video in question. I was looking for reviews of a book on self improvement with introspection exercise I’m following (“How to finally find what you love to do and get paid doing it” by Brian Kim) and on one blog where I found it, one of the entries was “5 Feel-Good YouTube Videos” which claimed that “any one of them could make your day” and that “you might choke on your own happy hormones”. I was somewhat skeptical as I tend to have a general dislike of cheesy meaningless feel goods in a sense that they’re like drugs which wane away and wont make you permanently happy (knowing who you are and becoming the full of your potential would).

The image linking to the first video portrays this ugly woman (sorry..) and I clicked expecting something cheesy and perhaps boring..

Oh boy was I wrong. The video in question is of Susan Boyle achieving her dreams in a dreamy song called fittingly “I dreamed a dream” and literally helping possibly up to 100 million people in the world become genuinely inspired, hopeful and more open minded in these gloomy times of crisis. It is like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly in all its glory, a flower in the middle of the desert of cynicism, like some sort of a miracle. Well see for yourself:

Susan Boyle

That video was viewed almost 40 million times so far and there are other uploads getting millions so far. That’s just youtube though. As linked from the video’s description there are already numerous fan sites. Even Wall Street Journal blogged about her. I hear there is an album for sale, the only album she ever made, for incredible $1000 USD (due to high demand no doubt). This lady is an instant super star and is quite possibly gonna quickly become quite wealthy, as she deserves.

What’s so special about her though? When I step back I realize that she certainly is not unique in her talent in that there’s a lot of singers out there with great singing talent. What’s so special about this is that against all odds she was persistent, she applied again even after she was turned down before for talent shows like this. This shows courage and belief in yourself and unwillingness to see failure as the end. She knew what she had. She had a dream and when this chance was given to her, she achieved it in a blaze of glory. Her path towards this was probably difficult due to her looks.. which says something about the society we’re living in, but what was on the inside far outweighed what was outside. This context makes for a story that enamored millions and gave her the fame and possibly resulting wealth that she can now enjoy, in the middle of the economic depression, dispensing inspiration to others as well that no matter who you are, if you know yourself, be yourself, you can make it.

Some people say her talent is god given (or even go as far as imply that she’s an angel from heaven, human capacity for hyperbole is certainly amazing). I don’t believe that. Her talent is all her. It should be insulting to ascribe all achievements of an individual to a mythical entity and thus rob the individual of his credit and inherent worth.

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