Slip Stream and Pulsewaves

No I’m not gonna talk about exotic physics or science fiction. :P This is about two old, but newly released Cosmicall tracks being made available on for your listening pleasure. :)

Slip Stream


Both are trance tracks. Pulsewaves especially is of good quality and had received most favorable reviews on Soundclick where it was originally available and my personal judgment by myself and from feedback received from others might put this one quality-wise at the top of my production, so it might be a significant release.

Slip Stream is probably the most energetic track I’ve released and this is the first time it is available online. It’s production quality isn’t that high as it misses good mastering, but otherwise it’s pretty modern trance, IMHO, but you be the judge.

In any case, feel free to enjoy, download, broadcast, remix and do whatever you want as long as you keep the credit (Cosmicall) and share under same terms. The terms are Attribution-ShareAlike.



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