Songza, a search engine for all music!

Gotta love it! Digital technology is inspiring tremendous amount of innovation and it shows no signs of stopping. Hardware is becoming cheaper as its power grows exponentially. This in turns allows rapid expansion of broadband speeds and access and growing number of multimedia resources and uses on the internet. Today you literally do not need to download and store your music before listening to it. Instead you tune in to one of the hundreds of internet radio stations playing more music and less commercials than most traditional radio stations.

Or you go to a web site like, type in the artist or song name and click. It will stream right away. No registrations and no payments required, yet just about all songs you can imagine seem to be available. You can even do playlists and rate the song quality as good or bad in order to help make those of good quality rank higher in their search results. Beneath the hood it actually seems to be searching the web for all music files which are streamable, regardless of whether they are part of some video on youtube and other video sites or is uploaded by someone on a public space.

It probably isn’t even too vulnerable to the lawsuits by the music industry considering that it doesn’t actually provide songs for download and doesn’t really facilitate illegal music sharing as much as it merely, like Google and Yahoo, indexes what’s available out there. So if Songza is to be sued for doing that, Google too should be sued for indexing whatever “illegal” material is out there.

So in short, I love it!

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