Symptoms of a corrupt world (and how can You react)

There is something wrong in the world and there always has been something wrong in the world. However, we likely wouldn’t know about that should there have been no people to blow the whistles, to speak against the current state of things (that being “the system”, “the establishment” or whatever). We would come to accept the current state of things as normal and all the negative effects on our life as mere “facts of life” as supported by “common knowledge” and “common sense”.

So called “conspiracy theory” movements are gaining strength. The Free Software and Free Culture movement are providing a shelter from digital restrictions on individual freedoms. The anti-war movement organized the biggest anti-war protest in history in 2003, not so long ago. The internet is doing wonders in rising support for an otherwise completely unlikely president candidate in USA: Ron Paul (albeit whether this would get him elected is highly doubtful).

All of these are symptoms of corruptness of our world. It is the immune system of our societies fighting back at the cancer that is developing in them. You do not have to agree with Alex Jones or David Icke on everything. You might even consider them frauds trying to earn their fortunes on people’s hunger for some sort of a change. However, if everything was fine and if people really didn’t have anything to rally against, they wouldn’t have the success that they had.

Furthermore, despite sometimes dubious story arks presented by these people, many of the things they say do reflect the truth as I see it and some of the reactions they awake in people are indeed ones that should awake. I once recently read a comment about libertarians from someone who doesn’t necessarily agree with them. He said, and I paraphrase, that a good thing about libertarians is that they serve as a detector of bad government behaviour since they put government at so much scrutiny. My point is that even when you disagree with the general context surrounding a particular political faction or a campaign, there may be some things about it which are worth picking out and recognizing as good effects.

This is why I advocate inquisitive exploration and open minded analysis of everything, as long as you are capable and well trained (by yourself) to resist classical propaganda appeals. This way you can separate the stuff that makes sense to you from the stuff that, as some aptly say, alarms your “bullshit detector” (which too must be well trained).

However, open minded exploration must be combined with another incredibly important thing: self-determination. You must respect yourself, believe in yourself and be confident. You must discover who you are and what you want to be in order to know the context of your interests and your exploratory journey. Here is the thing. No book, no newspaper, no TV station, no internet podcast, no holly book, no government and no leader deserves an absolute trust. The only one you must trust is yourself.

To borrow a saying from the movie idiocracy: “Either lead, follow or get out of the way”. I think there is quite a bit of wisdom to those words. What I would urge everyone to try to choose among these three options is “lead”. Seriously, I want everyone to be leaders!

You might ask how is this possible? Someone must be a follower, right? Well, there is nothing about this piece of wisdom which denies the possibility of combining either of these three options. What I advocate is a certain way of prioritizing where “lead” comes first, “follow” comes second and “get out of the way” comes third. For example, when exploring someone’s presentation of “truth” you must think like a leader, the leader of yourself and determine whether it is a good idea to lead yourself to the following of this new “truth”. Just the same, when you are considering “getting out of the way”, this is the mind set which should be employed. Following something or someone as well as getting out of the way (possibly submitting to a sort of ignorance) are options that should be picked with much more deliberation than they usually are.

You must be a leader.

Imagine a nation of such leaders, self-determined, confident, curious and open minded. Who is going to pull one over their eyes? How can they be manipulated? They can’t. This is why I believe this mentality of leadership, when adopted by ideally everyone in our society might be one of the fundamental pillars of positive world change.

That said, going back to the real world as we see it today, here is an interesting observation. Why are “conspiracy theorists” like Alex Jones and David Icke so full of propaganda material appealing to ones emotional triggers? Could it be because the majority of our society has become so numb to intellectual rationalism that there is no other way to reach them other than propagandist emotional appeals? If this is so (and I would be willing to bet it is), then it is certainly a sad state of things. These common people are essentially like remote controlled drones – you only need to press the right switches for them to move.

It is hard to tell who is guilty of turning them into this. Is it the system (media propagated culture of consumerism, culture of desire etc.) they help fuel or is it themselves for letting it happen in the first place? It may really be both, since it is hard to see things ever being much better in the past. If anything people have been even more ignorant and conforming. However, one thing that seems to be different and most scary about the present culture of conformism and ignorance is that they believe they are free and that everything is just fine.

And this is because they failed to grow up into leaders of themselves and are still nannied by the corrupt system they live in and perpetuate. It’s time to make kids into adults and turn this movement of sub-humanism into intellectual super-humanism.

Disclaimer: Again, I have to say that sub-humanism and super-humanism do not refer to inherent state of human beings. We are all simply human. Instead, I refer to the aspirations which may be towards sub- or super-. This is not about eugenics and not about trans-humanism, nor do my views condone treating people as less or more human. Perhaps I will get tired of these disclaimers and come up with alternative terms. Feel free to make suggestions.

Disclaimer2: The fact that I realized and acknowledged these notions does not necessarily make me an end result of these “super-humanism” aspirations. I wouldn’t even claim to be a very good leader of myself. I have my problems and I am, after all, a mere human. However, I think it is the realization that matters as the first step towards making yourself more superb. I am on my journey. I hope you will or already had started yours. :)


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