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Telling Your Friends You’re On A Dental Plan

One thing that the average human being needs to be honest about is that they care too much about what other people think. Even those of us who say we aren’t in the least bit concerned about the opinions and sensibilities of others will often review that way of thinking when they have to, for example, make an awkward enquiry or explain something personal. It is a tricky thing to have to admit to, but we’re all human and sometimes, to make ourselves sound better, we may tell little white lies or construct convenient stories.

Some of us may well do this if we abandon dental insurance to replace it with dental discount cards as a way of paying for treatment. For some reason, it doesn’t sound great to tell your friends that you are using a discount plan, especially where an element of healthcare is concerned. So should you care what they’re going to say? Should you go to the lengths of constructing a lie? It’s understandable that you would do so, but in so doing you might do yourself a disservice and rob your friends of the chance for a better deal on dental treatment.

If you’re wondering how to tell your friends you’re on a dental discount plan, then it’s really simple. Tell them “I’m using a discount dental plan to pay for my dental treatment. It’s a down payment for the plan, and then a massive discount when I pay for the treatment. The cost still gets covered with the dentist, so she’s happy as well. It’s a win-win situation.”. Some people will still be sniffy about the concept, but the truth of the matter is that we all look for ways to get the best deal, and saving money while not sacrificing the quality of dental treatment is a sound way to go.

Some of your friends may throw a little bit of shade at the whole idea. Some of them might just shrug and move on. But many of them will ask you what plan you’re using, what you’re saving and what you think of the plan you’re on. And then they might ask you where they sign up to get the same. After all, is it really so strange to look for a way to pay less when that’s what we all do every time we go shopping? Whether it’s for a dozen eggs or a 42-inch TV, only complete idiots will seek to pay more for something just because it costs a lot.

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