The Day Earth Stood Still

I’ve just watched The Day Earth Stood Still in the cinema. I enjoyed the movie, and of course, played with my own thoughts while watching… I sometimes have dark thoughts, almost wishing for a catastrophe, a cataclysm, or at least an imminent threat of one, so peculiar and global that it truly makes the whole world stop.

On closer inspection I never wish for destruction or death, but I still wish something induced people to stop for once in their lives, stop like they’ve never stopped, took a step back from where they were and saw it, saw themselves and the world around them from a different perspective and ask themselves some hard questions they’ve previously been taught and induced to avoid.

I believe that most people, however, do feel that something is in our future that is so significant that it will reshape the world as we know it. Most religions claim to predict it. Certain scientists expect it. Movie industry and culture likes to play with spectacular scenarios of what it might be. And every decade there are movements of people believing a special year is coming, and a special day, the current obsession being around 2012 (unsurprisingly, the movie industry is planning to cash in on this by launching a same named movie: 2012). It’s like most individuals of our humanity have some sort of a inexplicable premonition, in form of an urge to wonder about and expect something….

Looking at the world and how quickly it has been changing in the last century lends further credibility to such mysterious expectations. Two world wars, industrial revolutions, global economic upsurges and depressions, continuing globalization and unprecedented evolution of technology and knowledge… Our world is changing constantly, and at accelerating rates. And it feels like this acceleration must lead towards something.. we may hit the wall or cross a threshold.

The best point that can be extracted from the movie, one which also marked the most significant thought left at its ending is that we change on the precipice, when pushed to the very edge of our current paradigm in fear that we will either perish or face the darkness of the unknown.

I believe something is coming, but I don’t know nor will pretend to know what. Many will swarm to tell me “It’s Jesus!”, “It’s the singularity!”, “It’s Planet X”, “It’s an asteroid!”. You entertain yourself with those best guesses. I’ll wait and see, and meanwhile be who I am and on a mission that I send myself to. Do what is right, no matter what the future holds. And I will remember that only I can say what is right for me.

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