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What’s Not Covered By a Dental Plan?

When taking out any form of insurance or protection, it is always worth considering two things. First and foremost, you should consider what is covered. Make sure it meets your needs and is applicable to the things you want to be covered, and applies to the members of you family you want to be covered.

At this point, most people unfortunately stop. They know what they want, which is usually a short check list, and once they’ve ticked everything off of it they go on their way, make their monthly payments and generally forget that it exists until the time comes that they need to make a claim. The step they have missed is that it is as important to ascertain what is not covered as what is covered.

When it comes to buying dental discount plans, assume nothing. Even if it seems to make sense and be the only logical explanation, just assume nothing until you have seen in the small print of the policy that you are as covered as you want to be. Don’t assume a catch all term like “routine maintenance” will include teeth cleaning. Of course, it seems logical as it would, be assumptions are going to end up with you being out of pocket.

Thankfully, with the increasingly vast array of different dental discount plans, the sky is the limit when it comes to finding something that will meet your needs. If you’re wondering what is and isn’t covered by the plan you have chosen, make sure you’ll well aware of the fact that you have total control here.

If you do as advised and start scrutinising the small print of your policy, you may well discover something that you assumed would be covered actually is not. In that instance, there’s no need to panic. All you need to do is hunt down a policy that really does cover everything you want to be able to apply the discount to, and if necessary buy it additionally without having to try and battle for a refund on your initial plan. You may also be able to extend the discount on the original plan if you contact the provider.

If you have any questions, it’s important to contact the issuer of your dental discount plan and get them ironed out before you hand over any money to anyone, for anything. It is better at that point, when you can walk away, then when you need to make a claim.

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