“Who I am?”

I am working on the selection of my major new venture and in doing so I tend to browse through some inspiring or helpful material relevant to the process of selecting candidates and making the right choice, coming up with the right strategy for the achievement of my major goal.

One of the posts I’ve read is about focusing on what other people need instead of money, when you want to develop a successful business. Of course, since I know that this doesn’t mean I shouldn’t also take into account what I want as well, I’ve started thinking. And since I like to think “bottom up” or foundations first I ended up coming up with a sort of hierarchical image of what fits where. The result is the following, and I think it might be helpful to.. whoever you are. :)

"Who I am?"

The question “Who I am?” is the central question for anyone who wishes to attain great success, however they define it. What I find as constituting the answer to that question comes from our genes and experiences or our “hardware” and “raw sensory data” respectively. Our hardware is everything that we are from the moment we were born (or before). From that moment on our experiences shape who we are today. They are nothing but the data that we perceive with our sensors and then proceed to process with our minds.

And that in turn results in two basic things: beliefs and knowledge or data and know how and “love” how, or what we know how to do and what we love to do (are inclined to do), which is constituted of our skills and interests. Those are our “programs”, sets of instructions we know how to execute.

Of course, the two tend to intermingle. Our programs use the data and the data can influence the content of our instructions. Together they form who we are. Thus, I am a voluntaryist, atheist, web publisher, web designer, enthusiast about technology, electronic music etc.

It is from who we are then, that we extract our desires. Desire is an emotion and emotions are part of our hardware (like firmware). Specifically the program of desire is integral to the system which defines the direction that we are likely to go in life.

Desires are potential goals that we would set for ourselves. From my own learned belief, I think it is best to write down all of the desires as goals and then among them pick one which if accomplished would help accomplish most of the others – that goal is what would serve as your purpose at this time of your life and until it’s achieved. It is the question: “What do I want to get?”. I have my answer. :)

But to achieve this, no matter what “The Secret” tells you, it is not enough to desire it. That’s where faith (self-confidence), planning and persistence comes in. I am in the planning stage. :)

And in that planning stage we inevitably face the question: “How do I get this?”. The answer must come from the answer to the question: “What do I want to give?”.

As you can see, you can’t hope to answer any of these questions without knowing the answer to “Who I am”. In fact, answering these questions seems to be a part in answering the first one. It’s all interconnected. You can’t achieve anything without giving anything. If your goal is money, you wont get it without giving anything.

But pay attention to the word “want” in this last question. You can give something, but is it what you want to give? If your goal is money, you can get any sort of a job doing anything and get it, but will that job be something you want to do? Most people who want money make the mistake of “doing anything I have to do to get it”, and they will, but that’s like taking a bargain of sorts and seldom, if ever, results in the kind of success they hope for.

This is because you’ll be most effective in giving what you want to give rather than what you have to give. Doing what you don’t really want to do, which isn’t congruent with who you are, is akin to putting a router in a job of graphics processing. It doesn’t quite work out. A router is most effective in routing network traffic.

But there’s a catch, and it’s an important one. Is what you want to give in line with what a lot of other people want to get? Is there a need or desire (demand) for what you’d be giving?

Ultimately, the best question to answer then becomes: What is it that I want to give that a lot of the other people need or want?. This way you strike the gold, perhaps literally. You are aligning what you’re best at offering with what most people want. You’re capturing the formula for releasing your absolute maximum potential. :) Isn’t that awesome?

I’m still looking for mine. It’s, of course, possible to make mistakes. Knowing self can be a difficult job, but never mind that. I’ll keep trying and if you’re into it, keep trying as well. We’ll get it!


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