Wishful thinking.

Asking myself what do I want I would split that question in two:

1. What do I want for the world?

2. What do I want for myself?

Of course, most if not all answers could fit both, but this is still a way to make answers more clear.


Freedomware must rule! – Literally, it must be a standard, a social norm, ultimately perhaps even a rule. Software distributed under terms which deny most basic property rights (by way of denying full control over your own computer devices) should be remembered as merely a relic of the past, a dark age in the software industry. Real innovation and real world changing empowerment is in Freedomware. I want all proprietary software businesses to be replaced by those running a model around Freedomware, models you might today know by the moniker of “Open Source”.

RIAA and MPAA as we know them must die – These worldwide (no, not just american) organizations are today doing more for the oppression of creativity than their promotion. Simultaneously the copyright law which they helped turn into an utter dystopian joke criminalizes most people in the western world for *gasp* sharing! This just has to change, as soon as possible. If they don’t intend to loosen up and reform themselves into organizations which would encourage sharing in a digital world, then they simply must move along, for the future then has no place for them. All digital culture must be free for, at the very least, non-commercial sharing.

I want rampant technological evolution to accelerate even more, but more responsibly! – Yes, it is already accelerating, and we’re all impressed by how fast we’re progressing. But who is to say this is fast enough? There are no alien planets that we know of which could serve as a reference. With so many world problems to solve, some of which really starting to strangle our necks, we need more, better and efficient tools than ever.
BUT, technology should not be developed in a way that worsens these problems. In other words, it should not be used to pollute the Earth even more or to restrict people’s freedoms and privacy even further beyond their control. Green tech, responsible and sustainable development and free access (to knowledge and technology) are the key words!

Furthermore, I wish scientists and developers to have a fully open mind. In that name, I would like to add another key phrase: Anything is possible! Nano replicators? Warping to the stars? Teleportation? Strong AI? Artificial gravity? Yes! Natural universe has the elements. We have the intelligence. All we have to do is connect the dots. If we’re not “smart” enough today, there is no guarantee we wont be smart enough in the future.

I want us to go to space! – I want as many people as possible to see Earth from orbit, within my life time. I will go too. I want space stations in orbit and around moon. I want us to colonize Moon and Mars. I want us to, eventually, warp to the stars. I believe that humans, if they have any future, it is in space as much as on the Earth. I want us to continue exploring beyond Earth and I believe this to be a natural, even inevitable, course of our continued evolution.

I want people to be less indifferent, more aware and open minded. – Basically, there’s more to fun than what is commonly considered as fun. Nowadays it is unfortunately a very common occurrence for people to be stamped out as “geeks”, “wackos” etc. and subsequently ridiculed just for being different and thinking in different ways. When you talk about philosophy a lot, the “deep stuff”, you end up feeling like you have to apologize for being so enthused about it. Ever had that feeling when you tried to express your enthusiasm about something not-so-mainstream and felt like nobody gives a rats ass? While it may simply be that they just aren’t personally genuinely interested in what you have to say, I believe this phenomenon goes much further – some things are just too taboo, for whatever reason, for anyone to really feel free to express themselves without totally getting dissociated.

We have to be more open minded, accepting and overall aware. Being different is common to all of us, so why escape those differences? Let’s embrace them, and learn from them.


Successfully continue a personal self improvement process. – This simply means not giving up or giving in to the flow at any point in time, or at least until the “flow” becomes the good life I want to build. It starts with keeping up to my new schedule and new habits I’m trying to develop and keeping the positive mentality I want to maintain.

A nice, futuristic, off-the-grid, environmentalist medium sized house with a terrace and a telescope on top. – Here is one materialist desire. :) I would love to live in such a house. It would feel like living in a space ship, totally futuristic, cool looking yet genially simple. I would have a remote control for various functions in the house. The terrace on top would be great for star gazing or just relaxing on the sun or fresh air. The telescope could ideally be both portable and possible to “plug in” to be controlled remotely from inside the house, displaying the image on a computer screen below if I wish so (which makes it very easy to instantaneously record or even stream live over the internet).

Off the grid means that it would have to be fully powered without dependence on the standard electricity grids. A combination of solar panels and some other renewable source (if even necessary) would do.

This may seem like a million dollar kind of dream, but considering that technology actually exists for all of this and that for each expensive way of accomplishing it there is at least one cheaper alternative that can be found on the internet (heck, darn it, you can build a solar panel out of the old TV set, save up on electricity until you buy a real panel, for just one example). It is not necessarily such a luxury anymore. One just has to be determined. I’m not going to pursue this dream immediately, but once the business is good and financials healthy I see no reason not to pursue this gradually. It is also a good example setter for others – a green yet high tech life. :)

A zero-emitions, sustainable energy powered car. – It just adds to the picture above. Air car, water car or electric car? Shall I say more? I already pledged not to buy a car until it can be the one of this kind. :)

Find someone…. – Well.. let’s just say I’m single, and I don’t plan on staying one forever. Everybody needs someone closes to share this phenomenal life with. :)

So this is it. The reason I asked myself these questions is because it seemed helpful for finding a most accurate answer to this question: “Given the things I love to do (including my skills and interests) and my overall purpose, what do I want to achieve next?” The answer will give me a pointer towards the proper goals I need to set in front of Libervis Network in the future.

I hope to find this answer VERY soon now. And once I do, some exciting things might be getting done around Libervis Net, because I’ll be getting down to it right away! ;) What’s to stop me? I have the goal, it is the right goal, I believe in it and I have the skills and interests to achieve it. All it needs is doing! :)

So you see, this “wishful thinking” is actually about things that will happen, as far as I’m concerned! Wooohoo! :D


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